Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH)
Validator & data extractor Tool

Download and evaluate XML metadata from OAI-PMH enabled digital libraries.

Example OAI-PMH URL:

Download all the records from a digital library. Please insert an OAI-PMH URL, select the metadata prefix and check out the results.

Optional parameters:

REST API is completely FREE for personal or academic use.

Large scale use of the service via its REST API as well as technical and/or scientific support is available on a fee.

Please contact the author, Vangelis Banos, to learn more.


The OAI-PMH validator was created by Vangelis Banos ( email: vbanos |at| gmail {dot} com ).

The main idea behind this project was to concentrate the knowledge I have accumulated regarding OAI-PMH harvesting and systematize the validation of OAI-PMH interfaces.

The OAI-PMH validator is used primarily in the administration and maintenance of


OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) is a protocol developed by the Open Archives Initiative. It is used to harvest (or collect) the metadata descriptions of the records in an archive so that services can be built using metadata from many archives. An implementation of OAI-PMH must support representing metadata in Dublin Core, but may also support additional representations.

The protocol is usually just referred to as the OAI Protocol. Check full article in wikipedia »

What is my OAI-PMH URL?

The OAI-PMH URL address of a digital library varies depending on the software it is based on. Please check out some widely used software and their Sample URLs.

Software Sample URL Sample OAI-PMH URL
Dspace up to version 1.4
Dspace version 1.5 and newer
Open Journal System (OJS)

These URLs are just the defaults and can be changed by the library's administrator.

How does works? is a web application. It works in the background on our servers and presents the final output to the users. There is no need to install software in your computer, everything is done using a web browser

What kind of validation tests are performed?

Generic Checks
  1. Check HTTP Response code.
  2. Check HTTP Response document content type.
  3. Check XML document file size.
  4. Check HTTP Request & Response Time.
  5. Check XML document compliance against the OAI-PMH XML Schema
Content-specific Checks
  1. Check OAI-PMH Protocol version.
  2. Check Administrator email address.
  3. Check ListSets command for sets.
  4. Check available Metadata formats.
  5. Check Total Records number.
  6. Check Dublin Core metadata in Records.
  7. Check ESE metadata in Records.
  8. Check XML document compliance against the ESE XML Schema
  9. Also check various ESE XML elements for common mistakes such as
    • Check for invalid europeana:isShownAt URL
    • Check for invalid europeana:isShownBy URL
  10. Check various metadata elements in Records:
    • Empty dc:title
    • Empty or invalid dc:identifier
    • Empty setSpec

I want an extra feature of some kind, what can I do?

Please contact me at vbanos [at] gmail {{dot}} com. Any suggestions for improvements and new features are always welcome.

Features include:

  • View, print or download the output of all OAI-PMH supported commands.
  • Detect problems with metadata records (e.g. invalid URLs, empty titles, invalid date formats etc.)
  • Download all records from one or more digital libraries in parallel.


  • Check compliance with OAI-PMH, Dublin Core (DC), Europeana Semantic Elements (ESE) and other standards.
  • Learn more...

11363 digital libraries have been already tested with, including:

Created by Vangelis Banos, © 2011 - 2015